30h60 wine bottle

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30H60 wine bottle

The finish is an essential part of the wine bottle. The 30H60 screw closure has become a worldwide standard and has a bright future ahead of it. Lire plus

Bouteille vin In Chasselas We Trust

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Bottle “In Chasselas We Trust”

Univerre has decided to help you enhance the image of your Chasselas with a range of specially designed motifs on your wine bottle. If you are a Chasselas producer, this article is made for you. Lire plus


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New Glassmania

Glassmania is the newest newcomer this year! The personalisation of everyday objects is now indispensable. That’s why we’ve redesigned the MyGlass site to give you an even better WOW experience on Glassmania. Lire plus

how can you create your own shape of glass?

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Your own shape of glass

Who has ever had the experience of walking into a bar, ordering a cocktail and, against all the odds, receiving an extraordinary drink that surprises you and floods you with a pleasant sensation? A drink can be an emotional highlight not only in terms of taste but also visually. Lire plus

Distillats sans alcool ©

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Non-alcoholic distilled spirits

The new trend in the beverage industry and especially among craft distillers is called “non-alcoholic distilled spirits”. In other words: alcohol-free distillates. So where does this new movement come from and what are its success factors? Lire plus

eau de source


Glass water bottles

The glass water bottle is a sign of well-being, healthy living and Epicureanism. Today, we have wonderful glass bottles on the market that enhance the value of spring water in an excellent way. Lire plus

Bouteille de vin rosé personnalisée

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Trend: Rosé wine

Rosé is the ideal wine for sunny days: fresh, light and fruity! An increasing number of winemakers are offering high quality rosé to satisfy their customers’ requirements. Lire plus