A product picture decorated with digital print with the date of the Sierre-Zinal race and their 50th edition.

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A personalised Smart Bottle as a giveaway for the Sierre-Zinal race

For its 50th year anniversary, Sierre-Zinal offers each of the 5,800 runners a custom water bottle decorated with digital printing and personalised with their name and an NFC tag. This personalised NFC chip is invisible because it is covered by the digital printing decoration. By scanning the chip, the runner will have access to images and films of his personal race ! The project proved to be a success, as evidenced by the event held on 12/08. Read more

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How to create your own bottle shape?

Discover the art of creating your very own bottle shape. From personalised bottlnecks, to color selection, embossing and choosing the right bottle buttom, we guide you through it all. Experience a 3D preview of your design before it becomes a reality. Read more