Supply Chain & Logistics

Our aim is to provide comprehensive glass packaging solutions tailored to your needs, to make your processes more efficient, and to allow you focusing on your core business. We take care of the complete logistics service, from goods receipt to storage, picking and packing, right through to final delivery. Our Supply Chain & Logistics teams are responsible for planning, executing and optimizing resources as well as inventories along the entire supply chain. They ensure timely delivery of our products and strive to provide the best possible service to our customers while optimizing inventory levels.

Our scope includes logistics as well as customs. We work in close coordination with our sales and customer service staff, as well as with our project and process management team, to ensure that we meet all legal requirements in accordance with local and international regulations, as well as the needs of our customers.

Service - logistics

Our strengths in supply chain and logistics


With around 15,000 pallets in stock, Univerre is a key component of our end-to-end supply chain solution. With our warehouse network we offer our customers a high level of quality, functionality and control.

The digitalization of our warehousing has made our processes and workflows more efficient. Each pallet of our warehouse is equipped with RFID technology. This means that the management of the goods can be optimized throughout the entire supply chain. The stock levels can be monitored in real time and upon delivery, the delivery bill and invoice are sent directly to the customer via mail.

  • WMS (warehouse management system)
  • More than 9000 deliveries are organised from our stocks each year.
  • 33% of the volume delivered directly to customers from the factories.
  • Automatic invoicing

Supply Chain

Supply chains face major challenges in today’s world. To ensure that our customers receive the right products at the right time, we utilize the latest supply chain technologies. From intelligent product forecasting, planning the procurement of products, to the delivery of your products, we offer a holistic solution to support your operations.

  • Automated demand forecast
  • Automated stock replenishment

Supplier Management

Our network of suppliers in the glass industry has been expanded in recent years. This allows our customers to flexibly switch between suppliers so that we can offer the best product and solution for our customer.

  • More than 20 producer suppliers for glass packaging
  • More than 10 suppliers for table glasses
  • 140’000’000 units ordered each year
  • Approximately 3000 trucks / year organised