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The Univerre Studio : What is it?

Univerre’s Studio is a creative and interactive glass packaging showroom located in our headquarters in Sierre, Switzerland. This interactive showroom offers a unique experience in Europe. This is because you can not only be inspired by current projects in this showroom, but also create your desired packaging design and initial sketches on site. Experience the full range of glass design possibilities, such as printing on glass or creating your own bottle or glass shape. The guiding principle is: inspiration.

A creative space

Thanks to our expansive network of glass suppliers and glass producers we can identify the perfect glass bottle manufacturer tailored to your needs. Furthermore, we can provide comprehensive logistic services, from the glass factory to storage to final delivery. We provide examples of trending packaging and use our idea generation and design expertise to take clients beyond the trend. Through these design ideas, we conduct the perfect product roadmap.

Therefore, our facility provides the ideal environment for product development teams, graphic designers, and partners to collaborate and bring their new glass packaging products to market.No matter what stage of the design thinking process you are at, after visiting the studio you will be able to have created your perfect glass packaging for the most part. The breathtaking views of the Valais mountains and valleys will help inspire your visionary creations.

The seven stages of the Studio

The Univerre Studio is divided into 7 stages, which follow the development of your new glass packaging and its design: from the sourcing or definition of a mould, to the design of the print, right through to the production of a first prototype. Our experts will give you the support you need to make your project a success.

Our studio covers an area of 240 linear metres, offering a creative journey in 7 stages, with over 1,000 sources of inspiration. Immerse yourself in a world dedicated to creativity and awaken your boldest ideas.

Getting to know you

The first step is to get to know you. In our reception lounge, a unique experience awaits you: thanks to virtual reality, you will plunge into the heart of the fascinating world of glass and experience an impressive immersion experience. Our aim is to give you a detailed introduction to our company, with all its special features and characteristics. What’s more, we’ll take the time to draw up a personalised overview of your needs and objectives for your visit to us. This will enable us to take into account every aspect of your expectations and ensure that you leave the experience fulfilled and enriched.

We set the basis

Once we’ve clarified the aims of your visit together and given you a comprehensive overview of the many possibilities offered by Univerre, the real voyage of discovery begins. First, we invite you to explore in detail the many options for bottle shapes, colour variations and weight categories. Experience the fascination of comparing the colours, weights and closure types of packaging produced by the most renowned glassmakers and leading glass bottle factories. This step will allow you to assess the quality and uniqueness of each element so you can make the perfect choice for your needs.

What direction should your brand or product take?

Understanding current trends is key to determining the future direction of your product and brand. During this phase, we will guide you through the latest trends and innovations so that we can think together and address the following key questions:

  • Does your brand want to remain traditional when it comes to packaging design?
  • Do you prefer to follow the trend, or are you prepared to go beyond it?

Discover the possibilities of Smart Packaging

In this stage, we’ll take you into the fascinating world of Smart Packaging. Not only will we show you the many possibilities offered by intelligent packaging solutions, but we’ll also show you the latest innovations and achievements in this dynamic sector.

Personalisation on glass

The art of printing on glass opens up an infinite horizon of possibilities, whether through advanced techniques such as digital printing or screen printing on glass. During this essential step, we’ll guide you through the nuances of each method to help you discern the type of printing best suited to your specific requirements, while exploring the range of creative possibilities available to you.

Tailor-made design of your unique bottle

In this key phase, we will explore together the possibility of creating a bottle or glass shape that is entirely your own. If this proves to be a feasible route for your project, we are committed to providing you with detailed guidance, offering you all the information and advice you need to turn your vision into a tangible reality.

Brainstorming and creating the first sketches

Our spaces are designed to stimulate and unleash your creative potential. Whether in the comfort of your own workspace or in our inspiring offices, we invite you to join us for a collaborative session where we’ll bring the first drafts of your design to life. Together, in a setting conducive to creativity, we’ll lay the foundations for your innovative project.

Book the studio

The studio is aimed at beverage manufacturers, packaging design agencies, graphic artists / designers or suppliers to the glass packaging industry.

If you are interested in booking the studio, contact us and we will put together your personal studio experience. During each visit, you will be accompanied by a packaging designer and a representative from Univerre.

Désirée Georges

Chief Communications Officer

+41 27 451 25 44

Our recommendations for a visit

  • If you’re looking for inspiration without immediately starting a project, we recommend a 2 to 2.5 hour immersion in our creative space.
  • For a complete experience, combining inspiration and project development with the support of our packaging design specialists, a 4-hour visit is ideal.

The opinions of our customers

  • “Bravo! In a canton where the horizon is often limited by the mountains, you can climb mountains to open up new horizons! You prove it…”

    Nadine Pfenninger-Bridy

    Nadine Pfenninger-Bridy

    Etat du Valais

  • “Thank you very much for the interesting stay. I was very impressed by this concept, which is visually very appealing, logical, easy to understand and very innovative.”

    Hervé Kirbihler

    Hervé Kirbihler

    Saline Suisses SA

  • “A visit that will bring many new projects to light.”

    A. Dekumbis

    A. Dekumbis

    Artisans Vignerons d'Yvorne

  • “I am very grateful, not only for the visit, but also for the existence of such a jewel for the profession I am at the center of, and also for the innovative and courageous Valais that I believe in. I am truly overwhelmed! Bravo and thank you!”

    Gérard-Philippe Mabillard

    Gérard-Philippe Mabillard

    Swiss Wine Valais

  • “A workplace that makes you want to get involved.”

    Mattiussi Olivier

    Mattiussi Olivier

    Château Constellation SA

  • “A wonderful discovery and visit with a very professional welcome. Thank you for a remarkable experience.”



  • “A perfect place to get inspired by what can be achieved in the world of the wine bottle.”

    Patrick Ansermoz

    Patrick Ansermoz

    Artisans Vignerons d'Yvorne

Why should you visit the Studio?

  • To create your own glass product and get good insights and information of product development.
  • Personal consultation is a top priority at the studio. No matter what segment or business area you come from, we can provide you with accurate advice and support you in your decision making.
  • Product ideas can be brought to market faster. The studio allows us to quickly identify your needs and develop products to meet those needs.
  • Take advantage of years of market experience and product development. The studio offers access to over 39 years of experience, so you can get all the information you need regarding a packaging design and make decisions faster.

Get in touch with our studio manager to arrange your guided tour

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What you can expect in the studio

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Stage 1
All about glasspackaging

In the first stage of the studio we will introduce you to all the details regarding glass packaging. Colors, shapes, weight and the different types of bottle openings can be viewed and examined on the spot. We find the right glass bottle manufacturer in correspondence with your color, shape, or weight preferences. Through the interactive studio, you can directly design your final product. Compare filled bottles with empty bottles to learn about all aspects of packaging. The following questions are answered in this first step:

  • Which bottle shape is suitable for my product?
  • Which glass color corresponds to my brand?
  • Which weight of glass packaging corresponds to my idea?
  • Which opening/closure is most suitable for my glass packaging?

Stage 2
The current trend in Packaging Design

In the second stage, we will show you the current trends in the field of packaging design. This stage will answer the following questions for you:

  • Does my brand want to conform to the trend?
  • Does my product want to go beyond the trend?
  • How does my company and brand want to stand out from the crowd?

Stage 3
Digitalization and innovation

The third stage of the studio will introduce you to the world of digitalization and innovation in relation to glass packaging. The following questions will be answered for you:

  • Can I add digital value to my product or brand?
  • Do I want to place my product in an innovative way?
  • Are there innovative solutions to modernize my glass packaging?

Stage 4
Personalization on glass packaging and drinking glasses

Glass printing has been perfected in the last few years. Especially digital printing on glass opens up a whole new world of personalization. In this step, we will give you all the possibilities and insights regarding personalization on glass. The following questions will be answered:

  • Do I want to highlight my product with personalization on glass packaging?
  • What are the possibilities of glass printing?
  • Do I want to make my product particularly eye-catching?

Stage 5
The heart of the studio: the workspace

In the workspace of the studio you will be able to start creating your vision with the insight you have already gained in the world of glass packaging. Accompanied by our design expert, you will already be able to create a first sketch of your glass packaging and its design. You will get the following insights in the workspace:

  • First sketch of your own bottle shape
  • First insight how a glass print on your glass packaging / drinking glass could look like

Stage 6
Your own bottle or drinking glass shape

In the sixth stage of the studio, we will show you all the possibilities regarding your own bottle or drinking glass shape. We connect you with the premium glass factory or glass producer to craft your custom bottle or glass shape with a personalized mold. Each bottle in the studio will tell its own success story to inspire you in the best way for your product. We will answer the following questions here:

  • What are the possibilities to create your own bottle shape?
  • What are the minimum order quantities?
  • What are the do’s and don’ts when it comes to creating your own bottle shape?

Stage 7
The world of Univerre

After you have seen the entire Univerre value chain and have been fully inspired, we invite you to discover our headquarters locations, the Hive. Whether you want to hold an intimate workshop for your brand or product, or have lunch, our offices are at your disposal. The following services are also available to you:

  • Thinking Zone: After the impressions of the studio, you can exchange ideas with your team and refine your concept in the Thinking Zone.
  • Wellbeing: Our headquarters is a “place to live.” After the intensive working hours in the studio, you can exchange ideas over lunch or dinner, or enjoy a cozy aperitif in our salon.
  • No Stress: Let yourself be inspired by the beautiful Valais mountain landscape and design your glass packaging in a relaxed antmosphere. If you have a long arrival or departure, you can also book one of our hotel rooms at our headquarters.