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Packaging Design printing

The demand for personalization of glass bottles or drinking glasses has been on the rise for several years. The perfect packaging design can be achieved by printing on glass. Glass printing has been perfected in recent years and has excellent printing quality.

Glass bottles and drinking glasses are printed at Univerre Pro Uva’s printing center in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland. With 6 million glass objects printed annually, Univerre has the experience and know-how to effectively finish your glass packaging or drinking glasses.

Univerre Pro Uva offers you different types of printing to realize your packaging design according to your wishes.

Packaging design: the experience of our customers

Excellent product quality is critical if a brand or product is to succeed. However, strong branding should not be underestimated. After all, this is what entices customers to buy a product in the first place. Attractive, innovative and very creative packaging designs are an important tool to give a brand the necessary momentum on the market.
Recent studies show that one in three consumers wants to buy personalized products or services. Consumers today are increasingly looking for products that are authentic and distinctive. An important criterion here is also the emotion that the customer feels when he sees a special packaging design. The authenticity that the customer is looking for reflects trust and honesty, which a brand and its packaging design should communicate.

A personalised glass packaging and its reaction

packaging design modernity
packaging design authenticity

Have you ever wondered what reaction a personalized glass packaging evokes in a consumer? Univerre Pro Uva got to the bottom of this question and conducted a scientific study.

For this purpose, wine bottles with a silk-screen print and an identical copy with a label were shown to a representative sample of 120 participants, between 25 and 60 years of age. The aim of the study was to analyze the perceptions of a wine bottle with an unusual packaging design (for example, a silk-screen print), compared to an identical glass bottle with a label.

“An exceptional and innovative packaging design not only gives the product a modern look, but the brand is perceived as authentic”

The study concludes that the use of screen printing improves the perception of the brand. This is due to an exceptional packaging design, perceived as increasingly authentic. From a marketing perspective, it can be concluded that the product is thus seen as “Honest”.

The different types of printing for your packaging design

The different types of printing mean that we can meet all customer requirements. The perfect packaging design is not only about aesthetics, but also about representing the brand or company as expressively as possible. Strong branding and exceptional packaging are key to enticing future customers to try the product. The glass bottle is one of the most important tools to give the brand the necessary momentum to stand out in the market. With the different types of printing on glass, you can definitely stand out from other brands.

The screen printing process on glass allows up to 6 colors to be printed on a glass bottle or drinking glass. In the screen printing process, precious metals such as gold or platinum can also be printed to complete a perfect packaging design. In this process, ceramic ink is burned into the glass. All glass objects, which are printed with a screen printing process, are dishwasher safe.

What screen printing offers for packaging design

360° degree printing

360° degree printing

Tell your story using the entire surface of the packaging with a 360° impression.

Printing of prestigious materials

Printing of prestigious materials

Enhance your glass packaging or drinking glass with real gold, imitation gold or platinum printing.



A satin bottle always attracts the attention of consumers.

Thermal printing

Thermal printing

The problem of the right temperature for drinking wine or beer is resolved with thermo colour printing.

Luminescent printing

Luminescent printing

Printing with luminescent colours attracts all eyes in a bar or nightclub.

Univerre Pro Uva invested in a state-of-the-art digital printer in 2020. This especially as the packaging designs on the market are becoming more complex and creative. With a digital printer for glass, the possibilities for personalization are expanded by a lot.

What digital printing offers for packaging design



The digital printer can now be used to print images and even photos on glass packaging.



Every glass packaging becomes unique. Whether name or numbering; with the digital printer every glass packaging becomes unique

3D effects

3D effects

Relief printing on the glass packaging can perfect the packaging design by adding a haptic experience.


Stampa a specchio

A mirroring provides a visual experience with the contents of the bottle. As if the design were the drink are one.

Exceptional and innovative packaging designs

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