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Univerre Pro Uva SA, with its 37 years of excellence, is a major national player in the world of glass packaging. A must in the distribution of glass packaging, a national leader in the industrial washing of glass containers and for decoration on bottles and table glasses, we offer our customers and partners the best packaging solution for each product.

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Glass packaging

Glass packaging

With a choice of more than 700 glass packaging options with Univerre, all your wishes can be fulfilled.

Drinking glasses

Drinking glasses

Choose from a wide range of drinking glasses and personalize them starting from 250 pieces.

Silkscreen printing on glass

Silkscreen printing on glass

With 6 million silkscreen prints per year, Univerre has the know-how to personalize your glass packaging or drinking glasses.

Digital printing on glass

Digital printing

NEW starting in September 2020: To offer its customers the best possible personalisation service, Univerre has decided to invest in a new digital printing machine.

Bottles washing

Bottles washing

CAs the market leader for bottles washing in Switzerland, Univerre guarantees the highest quality while using biodegradable products.

Our mission, vision and values


Univerre offers each customer the best solution for glass packaging and table glasses.


Excellence in Glass


Performance, excellence, proximity to the customer, transparency, environment and
durability & sustainability


ISO 14001

ISO 14001 certification covers different aspects of environmental management:

  1. Identify the environmental impact of your activity and develop levers for action accordingly.
  2. Improve your environmental performance.
  3. Implement a systematic method that allows you to define and achieve environmental objectives and then be able to demonstrate that these objectives have been achieved.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification is related to quality management. It sets organisational requirements for an effective quality management system:
  1. Management responsibility: required actions that establish management as the initial actor and which are permanent.
  2. Quality system: administrative requirements to safeguard the achievements. The notion of system is taken into account.
  3. Process: requirements for the identification and management of processes that contribute to the satisfaction of the parties involved.
  4. Continuous improvement: requirements for evaluation and commitment in terms of effective actions oriented towards progress.

Label Valais Excellence

The Valais Excellence Label was created to distinguish the most efficient and most socially responsible companies in Valais, taking into account their social and environmental role and wishing to strive for the constant improvement of their products and services:

  1. A company of Valais origin.
  2. A double certification of the company’s management (ISO 9001 certification for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment).
  3. A commitment by the company to make a civic approach towards the Valais and its inhabitants.


Founding of Pro Uva SA by Isidor ELSIG and Fabio NASELLI.

Founding of the company in the industrial zone of the Falcon Islands in Sierre. Establishment of a washing line capable of handling six million bottles. Construction of a 700 m2 hall for the storage of bottles. Acquisition of Martin Transports.

Implementation of an internal and external communication policy and participation in various regional and national events.

Acquisition of a new automated washing line with a capacity of 24 million bottles. Expansion of the storage hall.

Inauguration of the new washing centre.

Construction of a 1300 m2 storage hall.

Setting up a second cleaning team. Creation of the Univerre Deco service: glass decoration and personalization of packaging.

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification for Pro Uva. Presentation of the results of the study on adhesive labels to adhesive manufacturers and printers. 48 employees.

Launch of the Univerre Pro Uva concept and two new services: First Glass and Pro Uva Marketing.
Implementation of Magic, the new computerized order management system.
Launching of the company’s website www.prouva.ch. Launch of www.winecity.ch, an Internet portal for wine in Switzerland. Creation of the Pro Uva Net service: creation of websites. Implementation of the Swiss German distribution platform in Effretikon. Renewal of ISO 9001 certificates.
Implementation of the distribution platform for French-speaking Switzerland in Bioley. Global implementation of the MBO system at Pro Uva and Martin Transports.
Setting up a gala evening on the occasion of Agrovina. Opening of a sales office in Effretikon.
Obtaining ISO 14001 certification and ISO 9001:2000 certification. Installation of the fleetboard system on Martin Transports trucks. 60 employees.
Opening of a 2500 m2 storage hall in Bioley-Orjulaz.
Implementation of the Swiss-Italian distribution platform in Bedano, Ticino.
Acquisition of Hupka SA in La Tour-de-Peilz and opening of Martin Italy Srl in Milan.
Investment of production tools (screen printing) at Hupka SA and celebration of the 25th anniversary of Univerre Pro Uva SA.
Univerre Deco (formerly Hupka SA) moves to the “La Vuagire” industrial area in Bioley-Orjulaz, where the bottle stock is also located. The surface area is 1500m2. Implementation of the 2nd Swiss German distribution platform in Aarau and new corporate identity with the new Univerre logo.
Departure of Isidor Elsig. Fabio Naselli takes over 100% of the shares. Investment in a decoration line for bottles and drinking glasses (5 M). Creation of 9 jobs.
Renovation of the washing centre in Sierre (1 M).
Digital Transformation
Launch of the Digital Transformation of Univerre Pro Uva
Set up a Thinking Box for fast, efficient and creative working
Thinking Box
Creation of MyGlass.ch – A homepage, which makes it possible to personalize online drinking glasses, carafes and packaging glasses from 24 pieces on.
3D Glass Printer: Collaboration with the ETH Zurich to continue the development of a 3D glass printer.
3D Glasdrucker Univerre
The first step towards digital transformation – Introduction of automatic supply through artificial intelligence and digitized goods management to ensure better traceability from the supplier to the customer.
UBI: Univerre has developed a modern and efficient warehouse and delivery management system as part of the UBI program.
UBI Univerre
eletronic delivery note Univerre
Electronic delivery notes: since February 2020 the signature on the delivery note has been replaced by a digital signature.
IoT: The development of a Smart Bottle: Imagine being able to know in real time who has just opened your bottle!
Smart Bottle Univerre
Digital printing Univerre
Digital printer: the introduction of a digital printer opens up an incredible variety of new customisation possibilities. With a digital printer, photos or reliefs can be printed directly on the glass package.
MyGlass becomes Glassmania: The site and its online configurator have been completely redesigned to offer a unique glass experience. Personalisation from one piece and delivery available in Europe.