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Specialized in the distribution of glass packaging, bottle washing and decoration on glass and drinking glasses, Univerre has been your partner for Excellence in Glass for 37 years. We strive to offer our customers and partners the best packaging solution for each product.

Among a choice of more than 700 glass packaging, there’s nothing left to do but find your ideal product!

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The Ardévaz Winery shares its experience with digital printing

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The biggest beverage trends in 2022

Innovative ingredients and production methods will continue to capture consumer interest and help the industry target more markets.

Where does the name of the Désirée wine bottle come from?

The Désirée wine bottle in 50cl or 37,5cl sizes is one of the most popular of all wine bottles. We tell you the whole story.

Our services

Glass packaging

Glass packaging

With a choice of more than 700 glass packaging options with Univerre, all your wishes can be fulfilled.

Drinking glasses

Drinking glasses

Choose from a wide range of drinking glasses and personalize them starting from 250 pieces.

Silkscreen printing on glass

Silkscreen printing on glass

With 6 million silkscreen prints per year, Univerre has the know-how to personalize your glass packaging or drinking glasses.

Digital printing on glass

Digital printing

NEW: To offer its customers the best possible personalisation service, Univerre has decided to invest in a new digital printing machine.

Bottles washing

Bottles washing

CAs the market leader for bottles washing in Switzerland, Univerre guarantees the highest quality while using biodegradable products.

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As the Swiss leader regarding the decoration of glass packaging and drinking glasses, Univerre
allows small series to be printed on silkscreen : magnum bottles from 100 pieces, drinking
glasses from 250 pieces and any other glass packaging from a pallet.

Why choose Univerre ?

Delivery of bottles from one pallet

Delivery of bottles from one pallet

Delivery of neutral glasses from 120 pieces

Delivery of neutral glasses from 120 pieces

Possibility to order 4 samples

Possibility to order 4 samples


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