An anniversary should be celebrated in a fitting manner. More and more wineries are deciding to print a wine bottle for this special occasion to remember the moment. We show you a great idea on how to print a wine bottle to make the anniversary a complete success.

Wine bottle printing for the 40th anniversary of the Cave Corbassière of Saillon

The year 2021 is a very special year for the Cave Corbassière of Saillon, as this year marks the 40th anniversary of the winery. For this special occasion, the winery has decided to print an entire special wine bottle. A wine bottle does not always have to resemble the typical wine bottle. To stand out from the crowd, an atypical glass bottle can also be used. As is the case with Cave Corbassière. For they have chosen a typical spirits bottle as a wine bottle. 

“A spirits bottle as a wine bottle is a real eye-catcher to stand out from the crowd”.

For the 40th anniversary, a wine box was created with three of these printed wine bottles. The personalised wine bottles all three have a different design.

wine bottle printing Cave Corbassiere (2)
wine bottle printing The Premium Rose Cave Corbassiere
Personalised wine bottle The Premium Rose ©Cave Corbassiere

The Premium Rosé

Rosé wine is very popular in summer and spring and is making a comeback among young wine connoisseurs. To get this trend going again, two young people and the Cave Corbassière have joined forces to develop a special rosé. The result is the Premium Rosé. This rosé wine is also available as a magnum bottle, and those who like it very noble can also enjoy this rosé wine with real gold. A real gold piece, which has now also been bottled in a 50cl wine bottle to honour the 40 years of Cave Corbassière. As this is a noble drop, the wine bottle was printed. This was done with the very fancy logo and of course a hashtag, so that this personalised wine bottle makes the rounds in the social media.

How does this rosé taste in the personalised wine bottle?

This rosé wine is a blend of noble grape varieties from several vintages. An invigorating nose, with scents of redcurrant and grenadine. This coral coloured rosé is made from several grape varieties, but also from several vintages. It offers a summery but beautifully structured palate with refined tannins supporting the finish. It is best served chilled by the pool, but also with exotic cuisine, spicy dishes or colourful starters.

wine bottle printing Empreinte Cave Corbassiere
Personalised wine bottle L'Empreinte ©Cave Corbassiere


The second printed wine bottle in the wine box is “L’empreinte”, which means “imprint”. For this reason, the wine bottle was immediately printed with a handprint. On the front of the bottle is the logo of the Cave Corbassière and of course the number 40 to draw attention to the anniversary.

A blend of vintages in a printed wine bottle

A fortified wine based on Gamaret from vintages 19 and 20, with a passage in barrels. The fermentation process is blocked by the addition of wine alcohol, resulting in a high residual sugar content and a high alcohol content of 18.6%vol. Cherry scents, a beautiful confrontation between sweetness and tannins, a wine for chocolate or something more daring, with full-bodied cuisine.

wine bottle printing Cuvée Arc en Ciel
Personalised wine bottle Cuvée Arc-en-ciel ©Cave Corbassiere

Cuvée Arc en Ciel

The third printed wine bottle in the wine box is the “Cuvée Arc en Ciel”. A rainbow wine. Here too, the logo was printed on the wine bottle, true to the winery.

A rainbow in a personalised wine bottle

An original composition between Ermitage, Pinot gris and Païen, for the creation of this orange wine. A 10-day maceration with skin contact to extract tannins and colour, followed by partial ageing in larch barrels.

This cuvée seduces with a complex nose reminiscent of Campari, but also of sweet spices and tea. On the palate, it is delicate with light tannins.

Wine bottle printing strengthen customer loyalty

With this idea and the sale of wine boxes for the 40th anniversary, the winery not only pays tribute to the winery itself, but also contributes to strengthening customer loyalty. Who doesn’t dream of owning a unique copy of one of their favourite wine cellars?

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