The Fendant “Les Murettes” from the Maison Gilliard looks back on 100 years of history. For this reason, Gilliard has decided to celebrate this with a personalised wine bottle. 

The story behind the personalised wine bottle “Les Murettes”

In 1921, the first vintage of ” Les Murettes” was created for the Cantonal Shooting Festival in Bex for the following year. The bell tower of Bex can still be seen on the labels of the wine bottles. This was chosen to allude to the anecdote-rich history. For years, the Fendant “les Murettes” was served as an exclusive on Swissair planes and in the SBB dining car, and even today this wine bottle is still the representative of Swiss wine art. For this Fendant is served in all Swiss embassies to delight the ambassadors at official receptions. The Fendant “Les Murettes” is an important part of the history of the Maison Gilliard. This year, the winery wants to pay tribute to this wine and draw attention to its craftsmanship and passion. To celebrate this 100th anniversary, special events will take place throughout the year.

personalised wine bottle Maison Gilliard

The personalised wine bottle Les Murettes

The 100th anniversary of the Fendant “Les Murettes” is celebrated with a personalised wine bottle. The wine bottle is a 100 centilitre bottle that has been personalised using the digital printing process. To make the personalised wine bottle very special and unusual, two different designs were chosen for the wine bottles. One design represents the “Cuvé Anniversaire” and for the other design the wine bottles were numbered. A total of 100 specially personalised and numbered wine bottles will be offered for sale.

The design of the personalised wine bottle Les Murettes

When designing the personalised wine bottle, the focus was placed on the name “Les Murettes” and the number 100. Care was taken to ensure that the bell tower of Bex is still strongly present on the bottle. The bell tower of Bex, in fact, is the distinguishing feature of this wine.

A wine box with two matching wine glasses was created especially for the 100th anniversary. The wine bottles were numbered and are very exclusive.
How the wine bottle was personalised is summarised in this short video.

The Maison Gilliard winery

The Gilliard winery from Sion was founded in 1885 by Gilliard Robert and has built its brand on two typical wines: The traditional Fendant “Les Murettes” and the “Dôle des Monts”. These two wines led to the success of the family business and helped pave the way for the diversification of the winery. Today, the winery owns 64 hectares of vineyards and offers a wide range of wines to its customers.

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