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Media impact

Le Temps – The “return to the past” of bottles

There are a growing number of projects to reuse glass containers in Switzerland. These projects face a number of industrial and logistical challenges that are difficult to overcome. One company in Sierre is several steps ahead.

June 2024


Portrait of a family of entrepreneurs whose clear vision and constant refusal to accept the status quo leave no one indifferent.

May 2024

Univerre in the Tribune Economique

Swisspack International – bottles that inspire

To create a seamless and interactive experience, digital technologies are integrated into the physical world here.

October 2023

To create a seamless and interactive experience, digital technologies are integrated into the physical world here.

Le Nouvelliste – Introducing intelligent bottles

This innovation is already making waves, particularly in the wine and events sectors.

Published on, 22.08.2023

Univerre NFC Tag Le Nouvelliste

Swisspack International – A place of inspiration and creation

With “Hive” (the beehive), the Valais-based supplier of glass packaging has created a future-oriented feel-good living space.

Published on, 24.07.2023

Vinum – Univerre innove

Une plongée dans le monde des spécialistes du verre s’avère tout à fait passionnante.

Texte: Anick Goumaz, publiée le 28.04.2023

Kanal9 – Alles aus Glas

Die Walliser Firma Univerre investiert in die Zukunft.

Tagesinfo vom 28.04.2023

Valais Economie – Univerre innovates and inspires its customers with its new building in Sierre

The new building, The Hive, houses Univerre’s administrative offices, but it has been designed above all as a place to live and talk with clients.

Valais Economie from the 23.05.2023

Walliserbote – With crystal-clear visions to a successful family business

Univerre is rather unknown in the Upper Valais. Yet the glass packaging distributor from Sierre is one of the leading companies in this sector throughout Europe. A Valais success story.

Walliserbote from the 06.05.2023

persoenlich.com – New brand design for glass packaging

Univerre has developed a new brand identity for , which will position the company as a brand of excellence.

persoenlich.com from the 05.04.2023

Werbewoche.ch – Premium appearance for glass companies

Univerre as a premium partner for outstanding and differentiating glass solutions – across all media channels.

Werbewoche.ch from the 11.04.2023

Page – B2B designers need marathon qualities

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