Sparkling wines, champagne or sparkling wines are actually almost always bottled in special, large and beautiful wine bottles. Speaking of a special sparkling wine bottle, you should look at the latest glass bottle from Erhard Mathier Vins: A Cuvée Tradition Champagne 75cl bottle with crown cap in white glass. The special thing about this sparkling wine bottle is not the bottle itself, but the packaging design on this glass bottle.

The packaging design of sparkling wine bottle

Erhard Mathier Vins sparkling wine bottle was screen printed. On the front of the sparkling wine bottle protrudes the logo of the winery. The logo was screen printed in real gold. In the screen printing process it is possible to print various precious metals. Apart from gold, it is also possible to print platinum on glass. Printing with precious metals makes the consumer feel that this is a very special and, above all, noble product.

The winery has opted for printing around the glass bottle. Finding the balance of design and aesthetics in such a project requires a very good design sense. This was excellently solved in this sparkling wine bottle: symbols were printed around the glass bottle in matte gray.This color is also called dépoli and resembles an engraving. Matching the golden embossing on the bottle, a golden cap has been chosen: An excellent and perfect design from head to toe!

Personalized sparkling wine bottle Erhard Mathier Vins

Sparkling wines are in demand as never before

Sparkling wines have been in great demand again for some time. The variety and the wealth of ideas of the sparkling wine producers is getting bigger and bigger. Swiss winemakers have also recognized this trend and are gradually developing very beautiful and exciting sparkling wines with different grape varieties. For this reason, it is of great importance to have appealing sparkling wine bottles to choose from. We have selected our most beautiful and best sparkling wine bottles for you:

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Which packaging design for a bottle of sparkling wine?

A sparkling wine bottle should always stand out from normal wine bottles. We will show you how to make your sparkling wine bottle stand out from other glass bottles with a special packaging design, just like Erhard Mathier Vins did.

Upgrading the packaging design with a screen or digital print

A glass bottle can be enhanced with different kinds. Glass printing has been perfected in recent years and can use different types of printing to achieve the perfect packaging design of a sparkling wine bottle.

With screen printing you can:

  • print real gold, platinum or imitation gold on wine bottles
  • put a coating on the bottles
  • print very fine shapes and lines on bottles

With digital printing you can:

  • Pictures or photos
  • numbering or put names quickly on each bottle
  • print transparent reliefs on the bottles

What other packaging design options are there?

Since the demand for personalization of any item has been growing steadily for several years, there are several ways to create the packaging design of a sparkling wine bottle. Many producers decide to create their own bottle shape. Univerre can help you with this from the idea to the realization.

We have selected for you some of the most beautiful packaging designs in the field of wine bottles:

The winery Erhard Mathier Vins

The winery Erhard Mathier Vins is a family of winemakers. The father, Franz-Josef Mathier, which began in 1950 in Salgesch in the Valais with the pressing of their own grapes. Thanks to the economic boom and the commitment of the whole family, the winery developed into a prestigious viticultural and wine trading company.
Erhard Mathier, Franz-Josef’s second oldest son, moved the winery to Sierre in 1992 to pursue his own interests. With his wife Beatrice Mathier-Loretan he took over the winery “Cave Vieux Villa”.

Due to the natural way of vinification, the wines of Erhard and Beatrice soon inspired numerous wine connoisseurs. The principle of Erhard is pure natural quality instead of quantity is still strongly anchored in the winery today.
Since 2016, the winery is managed by the son of Erhard and Beatrice, Tobias Mathier, with a lot of creativity and innovation.