A company’s anniversary should be celebrated in a fitting manner. Many companies organise special events and more and more mark this special birthday with an extraordinary special bottle. Anniversary specialities are produced especially for the birthday and a special bottle is created for it.

The anniversary bottle from Fassbind – 175 years of existence

To celebrate the 175th anniversary of Fassbind, a Kirsch anniversary edition was bottled in a very special spirit bottle.

The jubilee cherry

The cherries for the Rigi Kirsch AOP anniversary edition were picked in 2018 in the region around the Rigi and then distilled in late autumn of the same year. The Kirsch was distilled twice and rested in the historic cellar for two years in stainless steel tanks before being filled into two fine wooden barrels in February 2021. After an eight-month final maturation in chestnut wood barrels, exactly 175 spirit bottles were filled by hand from the special Rigi Kirsch.

anniversary bottle Fassbind 2

The anniversary bottle from Fassbind

To really set the scene for the drink itself, Fassbind decided not only to specially produce the Kirsch itself, but also to specially design the glass bottle that goes with it.
The anniversary edition spirit bottle was digitally printed on glass. The special feature is that not only is it very easy to recognise what this kirsch is, but the bottle has been provided with very special elements.

Using the digital printing process on glass, the following special elements could be personalised on the bottle:

Numbering of the glass bottle

For the 175th anniversary of Fassbind, exactly 175 editions of this special Rigi Kirsch were created. Digital printing made it possible to number all the glass bottles with little effort. The bottle number is now visible on each bottle.

Transparent relief print

A very special element on the glass bottle is the transparent relief print. This type of printing gives the glass bottle that certain something. By printing a transparent colour, one would think that this is a bottle shape of its own. Fassbind has decided to print cherries and gentian blossoms around the bottle. This makes the haptic and visual effects even more unique.