Six wine bottles, six different designs, for six elements. The joint project of printed wine bottles by Gaudenz Thürer, of Thürer Weine in Malans, and his fellow winemaker Ralf Komminoth in Maienfeld is marked by success!

The story of a wine friendship

The two winemakers Ralf Komminoth and Gaudenz Thürer from the beautiful Grisons region already shared their love of wine between 1997 and 2000, when they attended the vocational school in Wädenswil and shared a room together at the boarding school. Even then, the two winemakers were inspired to set up a winery with its own logo as a self-development project. At that time, no one would have thought that 21 years later, a joint project of the two winemaker friends would actually be realised. The joint project is meant to symbolise the friendship and passion of the two winemakers.

The Six Elements - Printed wine bottles

The wine for The Six Elements project

Ralf Komminoth and Gaudenz Thürer were already enthusiastic Pinot Noir connoisseurs 21 years ago. For their joint creation, it was therefore only natural to use the best wines from their barrique barrels. After 18 months in 225 litre barriques, the wine has reached its full maturity. The wine was stored for 18 months in selected and new barriques made of French oak. The wine impresses with its noble wood note and is very rich on the palate.

The idea behind the design of the printed wine bottles

To symbolise this long and deep friendship, a special wine bottle had to be created. The name “The Six Elements” is no coincidence. The six elements are the most important factors around wine: earth, water, air, fire, vines and of course the winemaker. If one of these six elements were missing, there would be no wine. A very nice anecdote to create a special wine and the corresponding wine bottle.
The two winemakers chose printed wine bottles using the digital printing process. A personalisation option for wine bottles that allows you to be as creative as never before. Various shapes and colours can be printed, just like the designs of The Six Elements’ wine bottles show.

The success of The Six Elements printed wine bottles

Gaudenz Thürer is enthusiastic about the success he has experienced in a very short time after the launch of the printed wine bottles: “We have experienced positive feedback throughout. I almost have the feeling that my customers have been waiting for something like this” Gaudenz writes us as feedback on the wine bottle project.
He was surprised by the outstanding quality of the print on the wine bottle.

Within a very short time, we were able to sell more bottles than ever before of one variety and with Ralf we can imagine bringing another vintage onto the market” Gaudenz Thürer writes to us full of enthusiasm.

The entire Univerre team would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the trust you have placed in us. It was an honour and a pleasure for us to realise such a project.