Kunstwerk Craft Beer is a Swiss craft brewery from Wohlen. As the name suggests, this brewery wants to create real works of art. On a trip to the USA, the couple Dani and Sery were surprised by the American variety of beer. They wanted to bring the extraordinary tastes they discovered on their trip to Switzerland in a beautiful personalised beer bottle.

The choice of personalised beer bottle from Kunstwerk Craft Beer

Kunstwerk Craft Beer has chosen the Swiss Craft Beer beer bottle. This is a long neck 33cl beer bottle, which is distinguished from the other boring long neck beer bottles by the “Swiss Craft Beer” embossing.
Switzerland has the highest density of breweries in the world. This with 4’000 different beers and 1200 breweries. The idea and development of a Swiss Craft Beer bottle for Swiss breweries is therefore very obvious.
The brewery Kunstwerk Craft Beer decided on this personalised beer bottle because the bottle with the lettering “Swiss Craft Beer” differs from other bottles and, in addition to the reference to Swissness, it also exudes quality. The beer bottle has a slightly darker and thicker glass. It therefore looks much sturdier, nicer and of a higher quality when you compare the bottles with a normal long neck bottle.

Swiss Craft Beer Bottle

The uniqueness of the personalised Swiss Craft Beer bottle

The couple Dani and Sery were fascinated by the promise behind the beer bottle, which is sold exclusively to microbreweries (Swiss Craft Beer breweries) in order to stand out from the beer multinationals. Not only the two brewers like this beer bottle, but also the customers: “The customers like the bottle very much and say that it fits perfectly to a qualitatively round and unique product.” Dani goes on to tell us that the beer bottle is a qualitative statement for the product. The beer bottle not only enhances the quality of the product, but could also be a sign for the Swiss craft beer scene: “The Swiss Craft Beer beer bottle also connects microbreweries in Switzerland and could thus be an expression of the community and an identification with Switzerland as a location,” Dani explains further.

Fantastic beers in a beautiful personalised beer bottle

Kunstwerk Craft Beer’s mission is to produce exceptional craft beers in Switzerland. Inspired by the USA, two beers are currently available, all bottled in the Swiss Craft Beer bottle:

Sunset Pale Ale: According to Kunstwerk Craft Beer, an excellent after-work beer. This beer is also suitable to round off a beer tasting. Different malts have been combined with different hops here. With an extended dry-hopping, this beer becomes a real taste explosion, as known from the USA.

Personalised beer bottle Kunst Werk Brewery
Personalised beer bottle @kunstwerk_craft_beer

Wild Grizzly: A White IPA with beautiful citrus aromas from Cascade and Citra hops, which merge with the taste of the Belgian Witbier yeast. The taste is supported by Mosaic hops and Curaco orange peel. In keeping with IPA’s, the slight bitterness cleverly rounds off the beer. A wonderful beer for the warm summer days.

Personalised beer bottle Kunst Werk Brewery
Personalised beer bottle @kunstwerk_craft_beer