Innovative and creative drinks are more in demand than ever. The small bottles selected and their packaging design are as creative and innovative as the drinks themselves. The example of the Adam + Uva grape spritzer shows how creative, unique and innovative a faux packaging design can be.

The idea behind the Swiss grape spritzer

When wine is produced, there is always a surplus of grapes. For this reason, a winegrower and two gastro-enthusiasts had the grandiose idea of launching a new drink.
The grape spritzer from Adam and Uva is a one hundred percent Swiss grape spritzer. The hand-harvested grapes from Buchberg in the canton of Schaffhausen combined with the best sparkling spring water from the Alpstein gives a unique taste.

Adam loves his uva – two flavours of grape spritzer

Two varieties of Swiss grape spritzer are currently available: a white and red grape spritzer. Two all-natural grape spritzers, not pasteurised and with very many healthy antioxidants.
Of course, the Univerre team couldn’t resist tasting the two grape bowls.

Refreshing, light and a very pleasant taste. I am an absolute fan of the white grape spritzer. Fits perfectly as a little refreshment for any time of day.
Désirée Georges

I was amazed at the carbonation, which gives this grape-based drink an enormous amount of “oomph”. I couldn’t decide between the two versions, which are both very successful for me!
Alexandra Pointeau

Bottle printing adam uva grape spritzer

A 100% Swiss grape spritzer in a printed bottle

The glass bottle was designed to be as unique and innovative as the drink itself. The founders of Adam and Uva decided to print the bottles. Since there are two different varieties, two different designs were created. As the name suggests: one design for Adam and one for his beloved Uva!

The glass bottle is reminiscent of the old apothecary bottles, which are currently very popular again in all areas of the beverage and cosmetics industry. The curved shapes in combination with the brown glass give the drink a beautiful retro style. This has been accentuated even more by a very modern design.

Thanks to the screen printing process, the two designs could be skilfully printed on the bottle. The 360° degree print gives the look its exclusivity. A product which is not only tasty but also visually convincing!