In 2021, the Cave de la Tulipe celebrates its 30th anniversary. To celebrate this with dignity, Jérémy Gay, its owner has organised a big surprise. Announced with clues hidden in his Instagram and Facebook posts, the surprise was unveiled some time before the end-of-year festivities. The brilliant idea of creating a limited edition advent calendar with small, personalised bottles of wine inside has won over many people! The project is already a success on social networks due to the number of immediate reactions and reservation requests.

Advent calendar with small personalised wine bottles
Advent calendar with small personalised wine bottles ©Instagram @cavedelatulipe

A personalised advent calendar like no other

Have you ever seen an advent calendar like this one? Every day in December, you can discover a small personalised bottle of wine hidden in a carefully designed package. Bottles of white wine, bottles of red or rosé wine, overripe or barrel-aged wine, the discovery of the specialities of the Cave is total! Each numbered box contains a small bottle of wine personalised with digital printing. The Cave de la Tulipe offers you the opportunity to taste its wines in 24 steps. Simple, effective and fun.

Small wine bottles personalised with the colours of the Cave La Tulipe

To mark the jubilee of the Cave La Tulipe, Jérémy Gay, a young winemaker by age but who already has nearly 10 years of experience, embarked on a crazy project: to create an advent calendar for wine. He makes all the difference with the personalisation of these small bottles of wine with a capacity of 20cl. The creative line of the labels on the wine bottles in the range has been taken over for the digital printing. The tulips are printed with a beautiful and harmonious gradation of pink, purple and blue.

Small personalised wine bottles
Small personalised wine bottles ©Instagram @cavedelatulipe
Small personalised wine bottles
Small personalised wine bottles ©Instagram @cavedelatulipe
Small personalised wine bottles
Small personalised wine bottles ©Instagram @cavedelatulipe

Creation of small personalised wine bottles

Univerre has been offering state-of-the-art digital printing since 2020. This printing method allows for incredible possibilities in the creation of personalised wine bottles. The representation of a brand on its packaging is significant for consumers looking for a truly innovative experience.

« Outstanding and innovative design packaging not only gives the product a modern look, but the brand is perceived as authentic. »

With digital printing, such as that done on the small wine bottles in the Advent Calendar, you open up a wide range of possibilities:

  • Be creative without limits and print a text, a logo or a photo on your wine bottle. The number of colours is unlimited.
  • Make each bottle unique with a special name or numbering printed on each individual package.
  • Offer a tactile sensation with relief printing.
  • Enjoy a unique visual experience with mirror printing on a white wine bottle.

You can learn more about all the printing techniques on this page.

La Cave de La Tulipe: wine specialist in Fully

La Cave de La Tulipe is located in Fully in the Valais and is part of the Fully Grand Cru association. Since 1991, Philippe Gay and his son Jérémy have been working with passion on 10 hectares of vines. A high quality wine is offered to visitors, whether they are curious or faithful connoisseurs. The cellar is open every day of the year and the welcome in their tasting cellar is very warm. However, we advise you to make a reservation.