When it comes to developing a custom bottle, Univerre uses its many years of experience to help you design your own original bottle shape. Recently, the St. Jodern Winery realised the wish to develop its own range of bottles. A project that has matured over a number of years and has resulted in an authentic and highly precise result. A great idea to showcase the fruits of their production and their know-how.

A customised wine bottle shape for Heida AOC Valais Visperterminen

To give their range of Heida wine bottles a unique character, Markus Burgener and Michael Hock set about developing a customised wine bottle. This bottle should enhance its contents while allowing the winery to stand out. A collaboration between Univerre and the St. Jodern Winery that has matured, like the wine, to be able to present a superb bottle of wine today. This bottle was designed in a special mould with the St. Jodern logo and the word “Heida” on the shoulders of the bottle. A very interesting modern and tactile approach to highlighting the Heida grape variety.

An important idea in this project was to give this craft a sufficient appreciation. With sacred traditions, innovation should not be left behind. That is why the new bottles with the logo of the St. Jodern Winery are part of the development of a premium range. The production was redesigned and thus reduced to 800 grams per square metre in order to further increase the quality. Markus and Michael are convinced that modern, special and unique packaging can awaken consumer interest. The way is paved!

personalised wine bottle shape Heida St. Jodern
personalised wine bottle shape St Jodern
personalised wine bottle shape Heida

Why create a wine bottle with an original shape?

The St. Jodern Winery decided to launch its own range of wine bottles to showcase its Heida wine. This grape variety originated in Visperterminen. It matures in Europe’s highest vineyard, at an altitude of 1150 metres, where it develops unrivalled flavours. Until decades ago, it was only grown in this village in the Upper Valais region of Switzerland. Made from Savagnin Blanc or Traminer, Heida is known as the “pearl of Alpine wines” and is also called Paien in the Lower Valais. This rarity is the pride of the winegrowers. The Cave St. Jodern Kellerei is therefore very attached to this wine, which sets it apart from other wine regions. With its original wine bottle, Heida wine is completely different from other products on the market.

How do you create a unique package?

Consumers make their purchasing decisions largely subconsciously. However, all five senses, including sight and touch, are actively involved in the decision making process. With the growing need to provide unique experiences to consumers, it is important to differentiate with attractive packaging. In addition, bespoke packaging helps to create a memory and a sense of ownership of the brand. This makes it easier for the consumer to remember your company. In addition to attracting attention, a package should reflect your brand and a message. With its experience and graphic support, Univerre helps you to define who your product is aimed at and guides you in the right choice of shape, size and emphasis of your product. Whether it’s designing an original bottle shape from scratch or finishing a bottle, we will offer you the best solution for your product. You have an idea, we help you to realise it and tell the story of your unique product.

St. Jodern Winery in Visperterminen

The St. Jodern Winery is a success story based on its cooperative and partnership principles. With more than 500 enthusiastic members of the cooperative, the winery bottles its wines on site and achieves an annual production of around 400,000 units. With a passion for wine as their life philosophy, their work is guided by the search for high quality wines. In Visperterminen, the grapes flourish in a healthy and diverse nature with some of the highest terraced vineyards in Europe. In order to cultivate the steep slopes of Heidadorf, retaining walls had to be built over the centuries. Just like the people of Heidadorf, the wine here is known for its originality and strength of character. Discover Heida’s customised wine bottles, which combine tradition with state-of-the-art technology.