When the most exclusive beer becomes an innovative spirit, you need a packaging to match. For this project, Bière du Boxer naturally called on Univerre. The idea is to design a unique custom bottle for their new innovative product range: Essence of Beer.

The birth of the custom-made Essence of Beer bottle

Because of their perpetual thirst for new adventures and because a brewer is never far from a distillery, Doppelleu has developed a new and innovative spirit concept. Beer Essence” is a distillation of the corresponding beer from the 1er Cru range. This exclusive beer is matured in the same barrel as the 1er Cru beer. They tell us the story of the birth of the bespoke bottle reflecting the brand’s emblem:

In 2019 we presented a prototype of the product at the IGEHO fair in a standard elongated bottle. In contact with many epicureans and spirits lovers, we realised that it was necessary to work even more on the packaging to improve the customer experience and showcase the various contents that will make up Doppelleu Boxer spirits in the future in the most beautiful way. After the fair and thanks to various discussions with our customers and David Naselli, Marketing and Sales Manager at Univerre, we decided to create our own design packaging for the bottle. We quickly decided on a rectangular shape inspired by golden proportions, with straight and pure lines creating a harmonious and aesthetic balance. This shape is complemented by the emblematic Lion, the effigy of the Doppelleu brewery in Winterthur, in the glass. The design requirements of the proportions, the inlaid lion and the 50cl volume presented a great challenge which David and his team met brilliantly throughout the creation process. Essence de Bière and its 50cl bottle is the first milestone in our adventure into the exciting world of spirits.” says Lara Eberle, Marketing Specialist Online.

custom-made bottle doppelleu boxer bier

Create your own custom bottle: from idea to realisation

At Univerre, we can help you with your most unusual projects. Glass is a fascinating material that can be used to enhance any product. With a special shape, you stand out in the market and surprise your customers at first sight.

Once your idea is born, we advise you and draw a sketch and a technical plan to propose you a 3D model. This model is very realistic and is printed directly from our 3D printer so that you can see and touch the bottle. This step is important because the glass sample will follow and then the valorisation.

A custom-made bottle can be made:

  • from 14’000 pieces for 37.5cl and 50cl bottles
  • from 12’000 pieces for 75cl bottles

What is the Essence of Beer bottle?

Doppelleu Boxer creates a new range of barrel-aged spirits. This innovative distillate is obtained by maturing exclusive 1er Cru beers. Hence the name of the range “Essence of Beer”. The 1er Cru beer has been distilled twice and then gently matured for several years in its barrel. Fresh dates are even added during the brewing process to create sweet, fruity notes. Once the 1er cru beer is removed from the sherry cask and bottled, the distillate continues to mature. It ages for three years in the same cask, integrating the aromas transmitted first by the sherry and then by the beer in the cask. The result is an astonishingly fine, complex and balanced beer spirit with an alcohol content of 43%.

The bespoke bottle is enhanced by the light amber colour of the distillate. On the nose, aromas of caramel, dried apricots, fine woody and nutty notes seduce the tasters. On the palate, beer aromas remind us of the origin of the Essence of Beer.