Since 2013, the Soeder collective has been developing and selling high-quality skin care products in Zurich in personalised glass containers. Soeder’s main objective is that the product ranges are 100% in-house produced and that the product is packaged in an innovative and unique way. For Soeder’s products, great importance is attached not only to the design of the packaging, but also to the durability of the products. The products must have a long life span and be good for the environment and their customers.

What is the idea behind Soeder soaps?

The founders of Soeder focus on high-quality, Swiss-made skin care products. According to the founders, skincare products should be free of unnecessary ingredients and be tolerated by everyone. Manu Meyer, community manager at Soeder, explains:

“Soeder was founded in 2013. At the time, we were more of a ‘small shop’ that only sold everyday, sustainable products made in Europe. As we were not satisfied with the offer of natural care products, we looked to develop some ourselves. Since 2015, we have been producing our own skincare products and our first product is natural soap”.

Then the first Soeder shop was opened in the city centre of Zurich.
According to Soeder, the best products should be used for as long as possible and not just be based on trends.

Glass bottles for cosmetics as a packaging choice

Since its inception, Soeder has placed great importance on the sustainability of its packaging. At Soeder, plastic packaging is avoided as much as possible. Soeder has naturally opted for amber glass cosmetic bottles. Glass is a fascinating material because it does not absorb the taste of the contents and can be reused and recycled over and over again. At Soeder, it is even possible to refill the glass cosmetic containers. The result is a very durable and resistant product that fits in perfectly with the zero waste trend.

personalised soap dispenser Soeder Zurich

Glass cosmetic containers with a convincing design

Soeder’s glass cosmetic container is reminiscent of the old apothecary’s bottles, which are once again in vogue. Brown glass, rounded shapes with a timeless and elegant design.
For the packaging design, Soeder chose to print its soap dispensers in glass. The glass containers were screen printed with a very clean but prestigious and expressive design. Thanks to the different care product lines they produce themselves, they can constantly innovate with new and more sophisticated designs on the glass bottles.

Focus on the packaging design of the Soeder cosmetic glass bottles

In recent years we have been able to print different designs on Soeder’s glass soap dispensers. We would like to present you a selection of these packages:

The customised soap dispensers for the Natural Soap and Natural Shampoo line with a clean design

The design packaging reflects a natural soap made from 100% natural ingredients. The soap is made from cold-pressed, saponified oils from organic farming. Wheat proteins and honey protect and regenerate the skin. Of course, this natural soap line is antibacterial and scented with essential oils extracted from plants. Produced in the Soeder soap factory in Schwerzenbach, Switzerland, the soap has been preserved in a natural way. All glass bottles are equipped with a pump dispenser.

Natural Soap personalised soap dispenser ©Soeder
Natural Soap personalised soap dispenser ©Soeder
Natural Shampoo personalised soap dispenser ©Soeder
Natural Shampoo personalised soap dispenser ©Soeder

The glass bottles for cosmetics in the Natural Soap and Shampoo line have all been screen-printed in white. Thanks to the personalisation of the glass, all these glass soap dispensers and shampoo dispensers can be refilled several times.

Limited edition soap dispensers with unique design

Soeder focuses on uniqueness and durability. The beautiful glass bottles clearly communicate this, especially when it comes to Soeder’s limited editions. Through various collaborations with partners, Soeder has been able to print innovative and original designs on the glass containers.

“Soap of Good Music” limited edition

Personalised soap dispenser Soap of Good Music ©Soeder
Personalised soap dispenser Soap of Good Music ©Soeder

The cosmetic glass soap dispenser “Soap of Good Music” was created in collaboration with the Zurich club Zukunft. The soap is called “Negroni” and has the same scent as the drink itself: very refreshing, pungent and sensual. According to Soeder, these are the flavours that promise a good night in a club.

“Maison Manesse” limited edition

personalised soap dispenser Maison Manesse ©Soeder
personalised soap dispenser Maison Manesse ©Soeder

This limited edition was developed in collaboration with the gastronomic restaurant Maison Manesse. It is a variant of Soeder’s natural soap. The main notes of this soap are buchu, cedar, yuzu, iris root, patchouli and black pepper. This soap is only available in a very limited edition.

“Hinoki Yuzu” limited edition

personalised soap dispenser HINOKI YUZU SOAP ©Soeder
personalised soap dispenser HINOKI YUZU SOAP ©Soeder

The Hinoki Yuzu soap was born from another collaboration with a Japanese restaurant, the Izakaya Ooki in Zurich. The soap has a fresh scent of yuzu citrus and the pungent scent of the hinoki tree. The combination of these two scents makes for a beautiful and invigorating blend.

The new Soeder skincare range

Based on its success, the Soeder brand has developed new product lines. Still in the 100% natural line, you can find glass dispensers of natural lotions, conditioner, hand sanitizer, massage oil and sauna oil.

We would like to thank Soeder for their trust and cooperation. It is a great pleasure and an honour for us to be able to realise and accompany such a project. We are already looking forward to further editions of the soap dispensers.