Freyja, the revolutionary drink launched on the market by the Fruitex company in Valais, is worth discovering! A sparkling wine with apricot flavour, a black satin-finished long neck bottle and a 100% efficient communication: this is the perfect combination of Freyja.

What is Freyja?

There are a thousand and one ways to enjoy Valais apricots and here is one that will surprise you. Freyja is the name chosen to highlight the luxury of a sparkling wine made with delicious Valais apricots. It is a wine made from chasselas, a typical Swiss grape variety, and is perfect for creating a fine and elegant wine, very fresh and subtle. Combining chasselas and Valais apricots is the challenge that the family business Fruitex has taken up after many years of research and development. Moreover, its brand name is not insignificant. Indeed, Freyja is the goddess of love and fertility and perfectly embodies the marriage of these two emblematic products of the Valais region and the passion that emanates from them.

Made of a sparkling white wine based on chasselas and apricots, the long neck Freyja bottle is a pure and natural Valaisan product. No artificial flavours, no synthetic preservatives, and no additives are added to the recipe. Freyja is a selection of the best Swiss apricots: fruit bursting with the sun of the Valais, full of aroma and delicacy. Also, the apricot is a fruit rich in vitamin C and beta-carotene and therefore renowned for its benefits. Chasselas is an emblematic grape variety of the Valais. Did you know that its particularity is to be impregnated with its terroir and to give delicate, subtle and elegant wines? It goes perfectly with the sweetness of apricots and is therefore ideal for making Freyja!

Long neck bottle 33cl freyja
Personalised Long neck bottle 33cl ©freyjadrink

There is nothing better for an aperitif with friends than a few chilled bottles of Freyja! The fruitiness of the apricot with the bubbles of the sparkling wine offers a unique experience to share! Available in a small format, the long neck 33cl bottles are ideal for toasting together.

The icing on the cake is that Freyja is a committed and environmentally friendly product. Fruitex is currently converting to organic farming and is committed to donating 3% of its sales to the AgriViva association. Stay tuned, Freyja will soon be available with pears!

A personalised 33cl long neck bottle

For an atypical and singular product, an unusual packaging was needed. From the purchase of the raw material to the packaging, Freyja only works with Swiss companies. So it was only natural that Fruitex collaborated with our decoration centre in the canton of Vaud.

The design packaging is eye-catching with its black satin-finished 33cl long neck bottle. Very sober and elegant, the printing on the glass represents the apricot well, even on the neck of the bottle with the inscription Freyja in orange. Having the audacity to offer a sparkling wine in such an original bottle is a great advantage for boosting your brand image. The brand will be remembered for the taste experience and the innovative packaging.

More and more often we see glass bottles from other segments being used to package products. For example, the Long Neck 33cl bottle is a typical beer bottle, but it is used as a wine bottle with Freyja. This is very unusual and will surprise many consumers.

The Valais company Fruitex – Valais apricots in Saxon

The Fruitex company, producer of about ten varieties of Valais apricots, produces Freyja. In addition to offering a range of quality fruit, Fruitex also produces its own drinks. The family business has been able to diversify its range of varieties in order to satisfy the most delicate palates. In order to satisfy its customers even more, it innovates by adding value to its fruit production with the development of nectars, fruit liqueurs or even Valais apricot wine.