Maurice Richard GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of high quality Swiss spirits. The distillery has been producing spirits in small quantities since 1894. For the Falcon Gin, we were chosen to customize the matching gin glass. Falcon Gin is a handcrafted Swiss gin, carefully crafted from selected juniper berries and refined with a unique blend of spices and exotic fruits. Maurice Richard GmbH recommends that you enjoy this gin neat or with Tonic Water.

Personalised gin glass
Personalised gin glass for Maurice Richard GmbH ©Instagram @falconginswitzerland

The personalised gin glass for the Falcon Gin

This personalised gin glass was made with the digital printer. Due to the high number of colors in the design, this is the best way to accurately reproduce the brand and design of the gin glass on the glass. For this custom gin glass, it was of utmost importance that the colors and details of the main symbol, the falcon, stood out perfectly.
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